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Ricardo Carbas


This is the first issue of the Engineering Manufacturing Letters (EML). The journal is published by the University of Porto. The journal is expected to receive submissions from a wide range of industries such as transportation (automotive, rail, aeronautical and marine), packaging, electronics, sports, etc. In addition, intense research on this subject is also performed in academic contexts, and contributions by higher learning institutions and research centers are also expected. This journal will accept submissions on additive manufacturing, vacuum assisted high pressure die casting, semi-solid metal casting, compressive and tensile forming processes, micro and nano machining, nanocomposite manufacturing, adhesive bonding, laser cutting and joining, etc. Subtopics include modelling and optimization of manufacture processes, design for manufacturing strategies, development of new manufacturing technologies, design of novel manufacturing equipment, comparative case studies, cost and quality analysis, ecological aspects and destructive and non-destructive testing of manufactured components.

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