Editorial of the 1st Issue of Journal on Mechanics of Solids

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António J.M. Ferreira
Alireza Akhavan-Safar


This is the first issue of the Journal on Mechanics of Solids (JMS). The journal is published by the University of Porto. JMS is an international, peer-reviewed, open access journal dedicated to publishing high-quality, cutting-edge research and review articles in various areas of solid mechanics that contribute to our understanding of the mechanics of solids and structures.

JMS covers analytical, theoretical, experimental, and numerical studies that advance the practice of solid mechanics. The journal is expected to receive contributions from various areas of solid mechanics, including (but not limited to) biomechanics, contact mechanics, environmental influences, elasticity and plasticity, micro- and nanomechanics, fracture and damage mechanics, viscoelastic and viscoplastic materials, vibration and dynamics of solids and Structures, mechanics of composites and polymer materials. The scope of the journal also includes fatigue, impact, and creep of solids and structures. JMS also publishes articles on material characterization and mechanical behavior of engineered materials.

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