FEUP Library manages an OJS (Open Journal Systems) installation to promote scientific journals publishing using the Gold Open Access model. Used all over the world, OJS is a journal management and publishing system that has been developed by the Public Knowledge Project through its federally funded efforts to expand and improve access to research.


  • U.Porto Journal of Engineering

    U.Porto Journal of Engineering (ISSN 2183-6493), a publication of the Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto, is a peer-reviewed, open access journal that publishes original research articles as well as review articles in several areas of engineering.

    All papers are peer-reviewed by at least two referees. UPjeng is managed to be issued twice in every volume, considering publication of special issues related to engineering conferences selected papers.

    The subject areas covered by the journal include all areas related to engineering such as chemical engineering, civil engineering, computer engineering, electrical engineering, industrial engineering, mechanical engineering and materials engineering.

  • Journal on Teaching Engineering

    The Journal on Teaching Engineering is dedicated to publishing novel, cutting-edge reports of broad interest to higher education, especially related to engineering. The journal provides a forum for scientists and engineers, physicists, and chemists to rapidly communicate on the most important topics in the field of teaching and education. All papers are peer-reviewed by at least two referees. JTE is managed to be issued twice in every volume.

  • Engineering Manufacturing Letters

    The Engineering Manufacturing Letters (EML) journal is devoted to publishing cutting-edge research on all aspects of manufacturing processes. The manufacturing technologies addressed are highly topical and include additive manufacturing, vacuum-assisted high-pressure die casting, semi-solid metal casting, micro and nano machining, nanocomposite manufacturing, adhesive bonding, laser cutting and joining, etc. The journal is highly cross disciplinary, publishing works that draw from the fields of manufacture process engineering, material science, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, as well as mathematical and physical modelling. The journal accepts research works from researchers operating in this field (both in academic institutions and industrial research and development departments).

  • Journal of Innovation Management

    COVID-19 – UPDATE 

    While the Journal of Innovation Management is committed to delivering timely editorial decisions, we are currently navigating unchartered times, which can lead to some delays in the peer-review process. We ask all our authors to be patient and show tolerance and respect towards all their peers, who still volunteer in review processes, in those unprecedented times.

    The Journal of Innovation Management (JIM) is the open-access (no publication fee), multidisciplinary peer-reviewed journal hosting a cutting-edge debate on innovation and its management, whatever form and facet it takes and embracing the technological features, managerial processes, and impacts of innovation.

    This journal encourages the submission of papers addressing the multidisciplinary nature of the innovation process combining principles and concepts originating from a myriad of scientific areas, from social sciences to technology research and development. The journal encompasses all phases of the process of technological innovation from the conceptualization of a new technology-based product/service process through commercialization.

    The multidisciplinary perspective associated with JIM means that papers should combine, though not being restricted, to the following areas:

    • Economics and Social Sciences (e.g., Business Anthropology; Business; Creativity and Improvisation; Cross-cultural Issues; Design Thinking; Education; Entrepreneurship; Innovation; Economics; Management; Market Research; Marketing; Research Methods; Strategy).
    • Technology and Science.

    Focusing on Innovation in whatever form it may take (product, service, process, business model, social, strategic, experience, marketing, environmental, organizational, …).

    Types of Papers

    JIM welcomes original contributions ranging from Conceptual Papers, Critical reviews of scientific literature, Empirical papers building on quantitative or qualitative methods.


    JIM is mainly directed to STEM-&-HASS (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics - & - Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences) researchers, practitioners, thought leaders, policy-makers, education professionals and students with an interest in innovation.


  • International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Safety

    The International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Safety (IJOOES) is an interdisciplinary journal with peer-review promoted by Sociedade Portuguesa de Segurança e Higiene Ocupacionais with support from Biblioteca da FEUP, for publication of original research. Literature review articles are also accepted. It covers basic and applied research in all areas of safety, industrial hygiene, ergonomics, biomechanics and health, including traffic, workplaces, home, and community.

    IJOOES seeks to engage the global scientific community including academic researchers, safety professionals and practitioners, engineers, health professionals, psychologists, social scientists, government agencies, policy makers and corporate decision makers.