The Journal of Innovation Management (JIM) is the open-access (no publication fee), multidisciplinary peer-reviewed journal hosting a cutting-edge debate on innovation and its management, whatever form and facet it takes, and embracing the technological features, managerial processes, and impacts of innovation.

This journal encourages the submission of papers addressing the multidisciplinary nature of the innovation process combining principles and concepts originating from a myriad of scientific areas, from social sciences to technology research and development. The journal encompasses all phases of the process of technological innovation from the conceptualization of a new technology-based product/service, process through commercialization.

The multidisciplinary perspective associated with JIM means that papers should combine, though restricted to, the following areas:

  • Economics and Social Sciences (e.g., Business Anthropology; Business; Creativity and Improvisation; Cross-cultural Issues; Design Thinking; Education; Entrepreneurship; Innovation; Economics; Management; Market Research; Marketing; Research Methods; Strategy).

  • Technology and Science. Focusing on Innovation in whatever form it may take (product, service, process, business model, social, strategic, experience, marketing, environmental, organizational, ...). 

Types of Papers

JIM welcomes original contributions ranging from Conceptual Papers, Critical reviews of scientific literature, Empirical papers building on quantitative or qualitative methods.


JIM is mainly directed to STEM-&-HASS (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics - & - Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences) researchers, practitioners, thought leaders, policy-makers, education professionals and students with an interest in innovation.


Special Issue - Call for Submissions: Innovation Paradigm in the face of Earth Systems Governance - Request for New Approaches to Sustainability Transitions and Growth (multi-sector and interdisciplinary perspectives from theory and practice)


Initial Submission Deadline: 1 June 2023. Special Issue Guest Editors: Joern Buehring (HKPOLYU), Mika Aaltonen (SNG Finland), Lucy Kimbell (UAL UK). Submission should follow JIM guidelines and should be done through the platform,

Vol. 11 No. 1 (2023)

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