The Journal of Innovation Management (JIM) is guided by COPE's position statement on 'Authorship and AI tools'.

JIM requires authors to disclose any use of artificial intelligence assisted technologies (in the Title Page and Main Body Manuscript documents of initial submissions), such as:

  • generative chatbots.
  • Large Language Models (LLMs).
  • AI media technologies.


Generative AI and AI-assisted Technologies cannot be listed as authors (or cited as such) as the accuracy, integrity, originality, and credibility of the AI output cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, humans bear the full responsibility for any submitted material that incorporates the use of AI and AI-assisted technologies.

Authors have a responsibility to carefully review and edit the output generated by AI, as there is a risk that the content produced may be erroneous, inadequate, or biased. It is crucial for authors to confirm that there is no plagiarism in their paper, including text and images generated by AI, and to ensure proper attribution of all quoted material by providing comprehensive citations.

The following disclosure Statement must be used in all JIM papers that have utilized any AI-Assisted Technologies:

The author(s) have used [NAME TOOL / SERVICE] in in this research work in order to [DESCRIBE THE PURPOSE AND INTENTION OF USING THIS TECHNOLOGY]. The [author(s) take(s) full responsibility for the content of the research work.


  • This disclosure statement does not apply to any use of basic technologies for checking grammar, spelling, references.
  • A discloure statement is not required if the author(s) have not used AI-assisted technologies in their research work.