A Book Review for “The Entrepreneurial Rise in Southeast Asia: The Quadruple Helix Influence on Technological Innovation”

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Myropi Garri


The collective volume entitled “The Entrepreneurial Rise in Southeast Asia, The Quadruple Helix Influence on Technological Innovation”, edited by Stavros Sindakis and Christian Walter, published by Palgrave Macmillan, contributes to the examination of the phenomenon of the entrepreneurial activity grow in the Southeast Asia region. This volume sheds light into the implications of this phenomenon by interconnecting it to particular contextual characteristics, such as the level of innovation, the particular political regime, and economic and social development. Regions seeking to achieve economic and social development aim to create a dynamic framework composed by strong entrepreneurial activity and high levels of innovation. The Southeast Asia is a well chosen geographical area to be researched in order to find evidence to answer questions having to do with the creation of such a dynamic network. This is because during the last decade the Southeast Asia region has evolved into a prime example of a developing area characterized by entrepreneurial growth and increasing levels of innovation. (...)

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