Towards a framework for New Service Development Practices

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Katja Maria Hydle
Tor Helge Aas
Karl Joachim Breunig


Different frameworks for New Service Development (NSD) practices have been suggested by prior conceptual research. We have assessed three frameworks frequently referred to in extant research, and exposed how these three cover different dimensions of NSD practices. By exploring the practices of NSD empirically, this paper continues the ongoing discussion of what the relevant aggregated dimensions of NSD practices are. The detailed practices identified by interviewing 25 employees, all with key roles in relation to NSD in five large Scandinavian service firms, about their NSD practices, are clustered into three aggregated overarching dimensions of NSD practices: 1) identifying needs, 2) assuring support and 3) dividing work. The findings suggest that the NSD process is the prime focus of NSD practices and that different resources are integral parts. The findings provide both managerial implications and implications for further research.

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