Data as a driver for shaping the practices of a preventive healthcare service delivery network

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Minna Pikkarainen
Saara Pekkarinen
Timo Koivumäki
Tero Huhtala


Though data is largely recognized as a new form of capital in the digital era, little research has been done on how innovations related to finding health professionals and using health services are evolving in smart-city-based, preventive healthcare service delivery networks. How does digital data affect preventive healthcare practices in service delivery networks? Evidence is provided from a smart city service delivery network on how data and ICT usage impact preventive healthcare innovations. The research is based on a case study highlighting the transformations continuously occurring in such a network. The results suggest that using data from different sectors will enable individuals and health professionals to communicate via intelligent personalized services, which will act as agents, guiding and coaching individuals to change their lifestyles to avoid chronic diseases. This study provides new knowledge on how continuously using health data can produce novel routines and innovations in healthcare networks over time.

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