User-driven innovation and technology-use in public health and social care: A systematic review of existing evidence

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Hong Zhu
Synnøve Thomassen Andersen


This systematic review revealed and discussed empirical evidence generated from 21 international user-driven innovation studies in the public health and social care. We used PRISMA guideline to ensure a transparent and replicable research process. With the guide of relevant theoretical models, we identified the distinct characteristics of user-driven innovation in current public social care sectors, in respect of its strategic innovation process and user-oriented, empower-based objectives. We categorized different end- and intermediate user groups and discussed how them directly and indirectly engaged in various innovation phases via the support of different methods, and how their participation helped to fulfill users’ roles for exploration, experiments, test, and innovation. We also took a closer look at technological options addressed via included studies and in particular discussed how technologies interact with users in the innovation process.

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