Towards the science of managing for innovation: conclusion & future research directions

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Anne-Laure Mention
João José Pinto Ferreira
Marko Torkkeli


We initiated this series with a view to catalyse and extend the focus on conceptualisation and application of behavioural science methods for managing innovation, albeit from a whole human perspective. We started with the notion that how to increase individual (human) creativity, collaboration productivity and innovativeness in innovation projects is a common concern for most firms. After discussions on the brain-mind-behaviour triad in the beginning, the interim editorial highlighted behavioural experiments as one plausible method to further the science of managing for innovation. In this final piece on the series, we conclude with a caveat on using experimental methods in examining the human side of innovation (Salampasis and Mention 2017) and discuss avenues for future research in innovation management, which increasingly reflects a collaborative affair (Bogers et al., 2017; Heil and Bornemann 2018). (...)

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Anne-Laure Mention, RMIT, Melbourne, Australia

Anne-Laure Mention is the Director of the Global Business Innovation Enabling Capability Platform at RMIT, Melbourne, Australia. She is also a Professor at the School of Management at RMIT, Melbourne; a visiting professor at Université de Liège, Belgium and the Deputy Head of the Centre d'Evaluation de la Performance des Entreprises and a visiting professor at Tampere University of Technology, Finland. She holds several other visiting positions in Europe and Asia. Anne-Laure is one of the founding editors of the Journal of Innovation Management, and the Deputy Head of the ISPIM Advisory Board. She is the co-editor of a book series on Open Innovation, published by World Scientific/Imperial College Press. Her research interests revolve around open and collaborative innovation, innovation in business to business services, with a particular focus on financial industry and fintech, technology management, and business venturing. She has been awarded twice the prestigious IBM Faculty Award for her research on innovation.