Resources Capability of Government Co-operatives Supporting Organizations for Innovations Dissemination to Primary Co-operative Societies in Tanzania

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Luka S. Njau
Christopher P. Mahonge
Fatihiya A. Massawe


This study assessed resources capability of government co-operative supporting organizations (GCSOs) in innovations dissemination to primary co-operative societies (PCSos) in Tanzania. Case study research design using multiple cases was used involving five cases. Primary data were collected using key informant interviews, focus groups discussions, documentary reviews and personal observations. Data were analyzed using content analysis. Findings indicate that, most GCSOs in Tanzania were poor in terms of resources to disseminate innovations to PCSos. Most GCSOs were also not determined at prioritizing and utilizing available resources for dissemination of innovations to PCSos. Further, some external factors e.g. inadequate government resources commitment, employment freezing and others have been adversely affecting GCSOs resources capability to disseminate innovations to PCSos. Moreover, there were no formal and comprehensive incentive systems to reward innovation dissemination activities in most of the GCSOs. It is recommended that GCSOs should mobilize more internal resources and ensure sufficient innovation resources prioritization and utilization to adequately facilitate innovations dissemination to PCSos. The GCSOs should also establish clear incentive systems to reward innovation dissemination activities.

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