The Era of Digital Enablement: A Blessing or a Curse?

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Anne-Laure Mention
Marko Torkkeli
JJ Pinto Ferreira


A few months ago, we claimed that COVID-19 had the potential to be a catalyst for change and innovation (Mention et al., 2020). Undeniably, this has indeed eventuated, but to a scale that was unforeseeable and unpredictable to many. Over the last few months, the world has literally changed. Around the world, people and communities have seen their lives put on a standstill, experiencing and experimenting with variable levels of restrictions preventing social interactions. We have learned what physical – rather than social, at least initially – distancing meant and have uncovered new ways of doing things. And that applied to almost for every single aspect of life. (...)

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Anne-Laure Mention, RMIT, Melbourne, Australia

Anne-Laure Mention is the Director of the Global Business Innovation Enabling Capability Platform at RMIT, Melbourne, Australia. She is also a Professor at the School of Management at RMIT, Melbourne; a visiting professor at Université de Liège, Belgium and the Deputy Head of the Centre d'Evaluation de la Performance des Entreprises and a visiting professor at Tampere University of Technology, Finland. She holds several other visiting positions in Europe and Asia. Anne-Laure is one of the founding editors of the Journal of Innovation Management, and the Deputy Head of the ISPIM Advisory Board. She is the co-editor of a book series on Open Innovation, published by World Scientific/Imperial College Press. Her research interests revolve around open and collaborative innovation, innovation in business to business services, with a particular focus on financial industry and fintech, technology management, and business venturing. She has been awarded twice the prestigious IBM Faculty Award for her research on innovation.