COVID-19 and Mobile Payment Diffusion: Lessons for Future Mass Diffusion and Continual Usage

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Cephas Paa Kwasi Coffie
Emmanuel Dortey Tetteh
Abraham Emuron
Joseph Asante Darkwah


Covid-19 transformed mobile payment services (MPS) diffusion pattern globally. Consequently, the need to examine factors contributing to the diffusion rate of MPS in this era is substantiated. Thus, this study employs Structural Equation Model (SEM) with social media administered survey data to estimate the nexus between MPS diffusion and technological factors, non-technological factors, and environmental factors. Results suggest that although MPS diffusion increased globally, mobile payment services have the highest diffusion rate. This is because of convenience, availability, and cost. Further, technological, non-technological, and environmental factors all contribute positively to the high rate of diffusion. Environmental factors like an escalation in the Covid-19 cases, recommendations from the center for disease control positively mediates the relationship between MPS diffusion and non-technological factors. Thus, to encourage mass diffusion and continual usage of MPS during and after the pandemic, cost of usage, convenience, accessibility, and mobile-based applications should be bundled for optimized user experience.

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