Learning from the History of Innovation


Peter Prud'homme van Reine


This letter describes an approach to learn from the history of innovation by studying how organizational and regional innovation cultures developed over time, using a research-based framework of nine innovation dilemmas. The purpose of this letter is to contribute to the debate on how we can learn from the history of innovation in such a way that an understanding of the past supports innovators, decision makers and policy makers to improve future innovation performance. This letter also serves as an invitation to the community to engage in the discussion on how looking back at the history of innovation can help prepare for the future.


Author Biography

Peter Prud'homme van Reine, Cross-cultural organisations / Innovation Culture consulting

Peter Prud'homme van Reine is a consultant, researcher and educator focusing on “creating cultures of innovation”. He combines his background in technology, in cultural/organizational anthropology and in management in a multidisciplinary approach to studying the impact of culture on innovation and change. Peter has worked in industry (Philips Electronics), consultancy (THT Intercultural Management Consulting) and academia (University of Utrecht School of Economics, Radboud University Nijmegen group Innovation Management, VU Amsterdam group Culture, Organization and Management, Nimbas Graduate School of Management) and is currently principal of Innovation Culture & Change, Consulting & Education based in The Netherlands.