Business Transfer Paradox in Entrepreneurship Education: A research agenda for increasing the number of successors

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Julien De Freyman
Susanne Durst


Most of the entrepreneurship education (EE) efforts have been directed to business creation as the preferred option for entrepreneurial activity. Considering the ever-increasing number of businesses to be transferred and thus the need for people who are willing and interested in seeing a business transfer as a career option, this one-sided view is unsatisfactory. Inspired by the "attention-interest-desire-action" model from marketing, this paper brings together the existing literature and the authors ' own research and teaching experience to propose research directions that can lay the theoretical foundation to incorporate business transfers more clearly in EE. This underlines that value creation through entrepreneurship can take different forms and adds a missing but relevant part to RE and its development.

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Susanne Durst, Department of Business Administration, Reykjavik University

Susanne Durst is a Professor of Management at the Department of Business Administration at Reykjavik University. Her research interests include small business management, SME business transfers, knowledge management, knowledge risk management and corporate governance. Her work has been recognized through different awards, including the Transeo Academic Award in 2012 and has been published in international peer-reviewed journals. Before joining academia, she worked in different positions with private enterprises of different industries and sizes.