The emergence of Design Thinking from Design Science to a Business Paradigm through the lens of Bibliometric Review

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Reema khurana
Rakesh Gupta


This study evaluates the current knowledge base of research on Design Thinking (DT) by conducting a bibliometric and network analysis of 986 scientific documents gathered from the Scopus database from 1992- 2021. The results reveal, inter alia, publication trends, identify influential documents, productive authors, journals, institutions, countries working and collaborating in the field of DT and the potential future research opportunities. Co-occurrence of Keywords and PageRank analysis was performed and relevant clusters emerging out of this analysis were described. The study maps the existing literature available and examines key research trends and theoretical underpinnings of this emerging discipline. Finally, the study provides detailed recommendations about the topics that need to be probed in detail in future research to advance a better understanding of this field.

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