How Innovation Systems Promote and Hinder Innovations in Healthcare - a Swedish Case

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Nomie Eriksson
Hanife Rexhepi
Reza Javid Gholam
Erik Mårtensson Djäken
Svante Lifvergren


Healthcare organizations must remain up-to-date when healthcare systems are in constant flux. One way to meet challenges is through innovations. The aim of this study is to explore what promotes and hinders the implementation of innovation in healthcare's complex organizational environment. An innovation system was studied through qualitative interviews with nine respondents. The results show that the implementation and adoption of innovations in healthcare are complex. The complexity of the innovation determines the likelihood and speed of the adoption among healthcare professionals. Promoters such as human and financial capital were seen as critical for the sustainability of the innovation. Evaluating the innovation through scientific processes was also important to gain legitimacy and is seen as an important contribution to research. The identifying promoters and hindrances are practical implications to prompt reflection on healthcare innovations among managers and healthcare professionals.

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