Quantum Sensing Can Already Make a Difference. But Where?

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Martina Gschwendtner
Yannick Bormuth
Henning Soller
Amanda Stein
Ronald L. Walsworth


Quantum sensing technology is already providing value and potential use cases can shape multiple industries. There are four core technologies with promising applications - solid state spins, neutral atoms, superconducting circuits, and trapped ions - which have sensing capabilities across a broad range of physical properties, including magnetic fields, electric fields, rotation, temperature, gravity, time, and pressure. Which quantum sensing technology and implementation type to use depends on the use case, as they measure different properties and are best suited to specific environments. This paper discusses the potential and current applications of the abovementioned quantum sensing technologies through varied use-case studies. They are presented around four specific industries and along different time horizons, emphasizing the need for further development and enhancement that can be achieved over the conventional counterparts. The full power of quantum sensors is not yet known, but they have the potential to create an entire new ecosystem if researchers, start-ups, and industry leaders work together to explore their applications and get them out of the lab. Here, the paper outlines necessary actions and possible avenues for the stakeholders to realize this potential across academia and industry.

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