Bone Printing Methods

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Filipa Pinto de Oliveira


consider to be a synonymous of additive manufacturing has made its way into the medical field, not only manufacturing medical appliances, study models or building prosthetics. The demand for bone substitution surgeries is growing every year, due to the increase in pathologies affecting bone structure (both traumatic and not traumatic). Nowadays with the possibility of three-dimensional printers becoming bioprinters, engineered bone tissue is starting to become a reality. The aim of this paper is to give the reader an overview of the work done in the last few years towards the advance of three-dimensional printing methods for engineered bone tissue. This paper is divided into six parts, an introduction, then presentation and discussion of the various printing methods with special focus on additive manufacturing (AM), then of bioprinting technologies, further directions of these technologies are considered and a conclusion is done.


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Filipa Pinto de Oliveira, Universidade do Porto; IPO-Porto

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