Planning in Times of Uncertainty Exploiting the Value of a Landscape Approach on the 21st Coastal Metropolis

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Carla Gonçalves


Coastal city-regions are dealing with new wicked problems due to climate change. Therefore, there is a demand for alternative paradigms and methodologies beyond the neoconservative perspective, demanding a transformative planning practice based on a territory-landscape plan as a catalyst for change. Landscape approaches are not ‘new,’ but they have become a driving paradigm in the international realm during the last decades. This paper explores the differences in taking a landscape approach on the Global North and South and discusses how a landscape approach can add value to coastal planning theory, especially when looking for the territories of the 21st metropolis. Conclusions have shown that landscape approaches from both Global North and South can strongly lead to a transformative and adaptive response.


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Carla Gonçalves, University of Porto

Department of Civil Engineering

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University of Porto

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