Power System Voltage Collapse Mitigation Employing Optimization Based Dynamic Voltage Stability Analysis

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Bharathi V
Chandrasekhar Reddy Atla
M. R. Shivakumar


Maintaining voltage stability is an important factor in modern power system study and operation. Supplementing the system with reactive power (VAr) support devices such as FACTS helps to overcome voltage instability issues. Commonly, dynamic optimization based method is employed to study the dynamic Voltage Stability Analysis (VSA) of the system. The existing dynamic optimization approach has dependencies on the availability of specific tools and the FACTS model to perform dynamic VSA.  Besides, the application of the existing method for the voltage collapse phenomenon is not addressed in detail. It is desirable to have a generic dynamic VSA approach that does not have dependencies on specific tools and the FACTS model. This paper proposes a new generic approach to carry-out dynamic VSA with any given DAE tool. A method of emulating the FACTS device’s behaviour for dynamic VAr injection is introduced using an incremental optimization approach. A generic interface is newly developed as a Modifiable Off The Shelf (MOTS) component to couple the DAE solver and optimization solver.  The existing approach is enhanced into a generic dynamic optimization framework by integrating incremental optimization technique and the generic interface. Voltage collapse phenomenon on IEEE-9 bus system is investigated employing the enhanced framework.  Post contingency behaviour of the system illustrates the successful mitigation of voltage collapse issues. Obtained results show the effectiveness of the new generic approach in performing dynamic VSA.


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