Lateral Response of 2 x 2 Pile Group Embedded in Cohesive Soil Near Slope

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Avinash V. Navale
Chandresh H. Solanki
Vishwas A. Sawant


This work studies the response of a 2 x 2 pile group near a slope subjected to lateral load. Three-dimensional, non-linear finite element analysis is carried out. The entire code is developed in FORTRAN 90. Bending-dominated pile and pile caps are represented by 20 node elements with quadratic shape function, and shear-dominated soil elements are represented by eight-node elements with linear shape function. Sixteen node interface element of zero thickness is used for stress transfer between pile and soil. The outcome highlights the influence of slope parameters like slope angle and edge distance on the response of the 2 x 2 pile group near a slope. The lateral displacement and maximum bending moments are increased with an increase in slope. However, its effect reduces with an increase in slope distance. The point of zero-shear along the pile's depth shifts deeper with an increase in slope.


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