An improved deep learning approach for speech enhancement

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Malek Miled
Mohamed Anouar Ben Messaoud


Single-channel speech enhancement refers to the task of improving the quality and intelligibility of a speech signal in a noisy environment. Time-domain and time-frequency-domain methods are two main categories of approaches for speech enhancement. In this paper, we propose a approach based on a cross-domain framework. This framework utilizes our knowledge of the spectrogram and overcomes some of the limitations faced by time-frequency domain methods. First, we apply the intrinsic mode functions of the empirical mode decomposition and an improved version of principal component analysis. Then, we design a cross-domain learning framework to determine the correlations along the frequency and time axes. At low SNR = -5 dB, the effectiveness of our proposed approach is demonstrated by its performance based on objective and subjective measures. With average scores of -0.49, 2.47, 2.44, and 0.68 for SegSNR, PESQ, Cov, and STOI, respectively. The results highlight the success of our approach in addressing low SNR conditions.


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