Production and nTopology optimization of an additive manufactured support for smart glasses

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F. Nunes
M. Trindade
J. M. Costa


The fast development of Additive Manufacturing (AM) technology over the past few decades has been remarkable, and it is expected that this development will continue. This technology has benefits over conventional production techniques, such as its flexibility, dependability, energy usage, and material efficiency. The subject of this article is the design and optimization of support for smart glasses based on a Vuzix model using nTopology and Fusion 360. The whole process of creating the support evolves from selecting the appropriate material (Onyx) and AM process to this type of component (Fused Filament Fabrication), to adjusting the CAD model of the glasses, using Fusion360 to create the initial design of the support, and nTopology to optimize the model. A static analysis simulation was also performed to validate the different models made.


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