Safety management in the maintenance works on motorways through DELPHI methodology and Pareto's concepts

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José Eduardo Silva
Carlos Rodrigues


Several researchers have developed a thematic approach on the need to improve safety management in the maintenance works on motorways in operation. The use of instruments linked to efficiency and effectiveness can be one possible solution to this challenge. The main objective of the present investigation is to prove that it is possible to identify the main risky activities and safety measures contained in the A area curve and linked to the Pareto´s concepts and show that these safety measures can reduce the risk level of the most dangerous activities. The methodology used was a DELPHI panel formed by safety experts from different areas on motorways. The statistic treatment was made through the computer programme IBM SPSS Statistics 24. The results show that it is possible to identify the 38 most dangerous risks linked to the most dangerous activities and the 44 most efficient and effective safety measures to prevent/avoid those risks. The research conclusions show that the risk level decrease with the adopted safety measures and that the identified risk activities and the associated safety measures represent the A area from an ABC graphic linked to the Pareto´s concept. These conclusions have obvious relevance to the decisions about maintenance works on motorways


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