Occupational accidents in Malta and the role of the occupational health and safety authority: A twenty-year analysis

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Luke Anthony Fiorini
Liberato Camilleri
Mark Gauci


The Occupational Health and Safety Authority (OHSA) was established in Malta in 2002. Since then, trends indicate that non-fatal accidents have decreased in Malta, while changes in fatal accidents are less clear. Since these trends have not been statistically investigated before, this study aims to do so. The study also aims to analyse the link between specific OHSA deterrent measures and changes in non-fatal accidents. A database compiled by the OHSA on the frequency of accident statistics in Malta and OHSA deterrent measures between 2002 and 2022 was analysed. The study demonstrated that the incidence of fatal and non-fatal accidents decreased significantly during the analysed period. The incidence of non-fatal accidents was more common in the transport and storage sector, the construction sector and the manufacturing sector. Fatal accidents were most frequent within the construction sector. Fatal accidents were common among the self-employed and foreign workers. Deterrents, especially those related to inspections and fines, were significantly associated with a decrease in fatal and non-fatal accidents. The study underscores those accidents have declined significantly since the establishment of the OHSA and demonstrates the benefits of specific deterrent measures. Continued focus is required on specific areas, including the construction sector, self-employed workers and foreign workers. 

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