From Knowledge-Driven Creation to Society-Driven Innovation: Some Glimpses on Organizational Ambidexterity, Open Innovation and Value Creation

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João José Pinto Ferreira
Anne-Laure Mention
Marko Torkkeli


Innovation lies at the heart of value creation, growth and competitiveness, and receives accrued attention in times of economic turbulence and slowdown. Organizations currently face increasingly dynamic environments and challenging conditions, which leave them exposed to higher levels of complexity and uncertainty. Thus, the ability of organizations to reinvent themselves and to reposition their offerings is critical for their survival. Permanently nurturing this ability to innovate is an essential role for managers and innovation leaders. In this issue we embrace different facets of this ability, and consider it at multiple levels: individual, organizational and inter-organizational.  The two Letters featured in this Issue also reflect this multiplicity of levels needed to comprehend, and support the innovation process. In the first Letter of this Issue, Molina contends that value creation from science can be achieved through the astute combination of “knowledge driven creation” and “society driven innovation”.  He further argues of the need for scientific research to address key challenges facing humanity, and to unleash its transformative power on society. This message echoes with the philosophy of this Journal, as connecting academic research with pragmatic reality is embedded in its DNA. 

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