Winter is coming: The dawn of Innovation?

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João José Pinto Ferreira
Marko Torkkeli
Anne-Laure Mention


As stated by the Cambridge on-line dictionary, Editorial, as a noun, is “an article in a newspaper that expresses the editor's opinion on a subject of particular interest at the present time”, whereas/and as an adjective, Editorial is “relating to editors or editing, or to the editor of a newspaper or magazine“. On the other hand, about the definition of a Journal, the same dictionary says “a serious magazine or newspaper that is published regularly about a particular subject”. This means that, in the Editorial, the editors express their perspectives or opinions “on a subject of particular interest at the present time“. It is in this context that we came across the idea of talking about Winter, as this issue was being prepared, Winter was indeed coming and this led to the title of this editorial.  (...)

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